my summer essentials!

there are so many things to have on hand over the summer – so I’m bringing you a few of my faves! PLUS I get to host my first giveaway! keep on reading for details! also, huge shout out to my sister Shannon for her beautiful photography skills. be sure to check out her blog the vivid for all things fashion!

This post includes affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase. You can visit my replicated Arbonne site at


this little tube is one of the first things I reach for in the mornings and whenever I’m heading to the pool or the lake. arbonne’s soft focus veil is part of their new re9 prepwork line which is designed for millennials to help prevent aging in the first place, instead of trying to reverse it once lines + wrinkles have started to appear (and I think that’s really beautiful lol) the soft focus veil is one of four products in the line.

it’s made with kakadu plum to nourish the skin, and is broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen to help protect against damaging sun rays that would perpetuate the aging process. it’s moisturizing and tinted, so it can easily be worn on its own, or blends smoothly + evenly underneath makeup.  to use it as a sunscreen, simply apply liberally. there’s honestly no wrong way to use it.

I personally love using the soft focus veil as sunscreen because it provides a light, breathable, complexion correcting layer while still providing quality protection. I have used other complexion correcting sunscreens, but they are so thick and goopy that I feel like my pores become immediately clogged and that I sweat off all my coverage within minutes of being outdoors.


with all the time you’re spending out in the sun this summer, remember – your hair can suffer from uv damage too! that’s why I’ve been using navy hair care’s prep + finishing spray (see my initial review here!) this is easily the best product to bring on a trip because it does just about everything and keeps me from having to pack 6 different products – it detangles, de-frizzes, conditions, protects against uv/thermal damage, and illuminates. plus it helps create your perfect hair style. free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates and petrolatum, and their packaging is eco-friendly!

since I am an affiliate with navy hair care, they have given me a special discount code – SOUTHERN – for you to enter at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase!


summer is usually full of trips + adventures. as a result, you’re probably going to end up taking a ton of pictures – and your smile can really make or break a picture for you. I use white with style to brighten up my summer smile and make sure I’m picture ready (see my initial review here!) I personally use white with style because they’re safe to use, gluten free, kosher, vegan, organic, made in the USA, and doesn’t make your teeth sensitive!

I am also affiliated with white with style and have a special code that will help you land nearly 90% off your own teeth whitening kit! at checkout, be sure to use code SAMANTHAM to get your discount!

now THIS is the summer essential I am so excited to tell y’all about. obviously accessorizing is huge when it comes to completing your summer look. an accessory I am super excited about sporting this summer is my new JORD watch. I had been on the lookout for a luxurious watch that caught my eye – I mean, I’m 24… it’s about time to add some grownup + professional looks to my wardrobe, right? I wasn’t having much luck until I discovered JORD and I found the frankie zebrawood + champagne watch. I love the elegant simplicity of it which will make it easy to go with just about anything this summer and throughout the year.


JORD handcrafts beautifully unique wood timepieces. my watch is made from zebrawood, a luxury hardwood, native to west africa. I thought that the grain + contrast of the wood goes beautifully with the elegance of the champagne + minimalist clock face. plus, it’s so lightweight compared to most metal watches that it makes it so easy to add to any outfit for a touch of class without feeling weighed down. I personally love the sophisticated, uniform look between the zebrawood + the champagne as it adds an elegant, light pop to colorful summer outfits (and because I’m always looking for accessories that will be fitting all year round), but JORD offers a variety of vibrantly colored clock faces that will definitely add a fun, summer-y pop to your look. plus, this watch goes beautifully by itself or is perfectly paired with other bracelets for a trendy, layered look. regardless, JORD is guaranteed to be the cherry on top of your summer look!

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