becoming brave.

forgive me, I am fully aware I have been m.i.a. from the blog for a while. to be truthful, resources and post ideas have felt rather exhausted over the last month or so, which has been pretty frustrating for me if I’m being completely transparent with you. similarly, though, I think God has been trying to provide me with a time of rest and vision.

as most of you know, I am an independent consultant with Arbonne and because of it, my hopes + dreams of being someone who has a direct hand in helping others find their most-well selves has been brought back to life after a spell of discouragement and wondering if I’d ever get to do the things that I felt designed to do.

if there’s anything that I feel like God’s been teaching me in the last couple of months, it’s how to be brave and take control despite the things I feel hold me back.

with my anxiety, do you think I ever envisioned myself being a part of network marketing? a business model that requires I reach out to people and inevitably run into rejections? heck no. never. but I learned pretty darn quick to never say never. and as a result, I have to face my fears every day for the sake of bettering myself and creating hope for my future.

since my last post, I celebrated my birthday (whoohoo, 24!!!!!) and one of the items on my wish list was a book by annie f. downs called 100 Days to Brave. I might only be 4 days into this 100 day devotional, but I can’t even begin to tell you how encouraged I already feel.

I’m realizing that being brave comes in baby steps and doesn’t necessarily come in the form of feeling completely confident – rather, it comes with making the decision to simply start. it’s the decision to listen + obey the Lord even when you feel intimidated. it’s saying “what if it does work” instead of “what if it doesn’t,” because I’d rather try and fail than always wonder what could have been. because the things that feel so huge + intimidating now are going to have such large ripple effects in your future, you’ll wonder why you were ever scared.

because additionally, great things rarely come from staying within your comfort zone. as humans, we gravitate towards the things that feel comfortable and provide a sense of certainty. it’s sort of like resistance/strength training (I mean, since this is a wellness blog, naturally I have to use an exercise analogy). in order to see muscle growth – or at least increased strength – we have to make ourselves uncomfortable. if we’re not putting much strain on ourselves, we’re not going to see any improvement. it’s when we feel the burn that we know something is working, and I that’s exactly how it is with growing ourselves in our souls, too.

those twinges of discomfort are what challenge us to grow. I’ll be honest and say I still feel nervous reaching out to people about Arbonne – I really do. but in 100 Days to Brave, Downs says “brave people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear. they hear the whispers but take action anyway,” and that’s what I strive to do. not just with Arbonne, but it certainly makes a good example.

I’ve found that being bold in the unknown is the swift kick in the butt my anxiety needs to realize that it’s not the boss – I am. I might not know what’s going to come of x/y/z situation or choice, but rather than sitting in fear of making a wrong choice, I simply choose these days to just run with it.

am I saying I’m a perfect example of courage? heck no lol I have about as much growing to do as the next person. so I post this today not to brag or yell “look at me!” but rather to show you that I acknowledge my flaws and weaknesses, and I’m looking to you, my readers, for accountability in this journey of unlocking my most courageous self. and, as always, to speak to anyone who needed this encouragement themselves. I’ll tell you – I look back on some areas of my life and realize how scared and timid I used to be, but little by little I challenged myself and it’s amazing to see the freedom I have created for myself by choosing to act out of courage – and I know that you can do the same.

4 thoughts on “becoming brave.

  1. Love this and couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on bravery! I started #mystepintobravery, to which people can share how they are brave in their everyday lives.. whether a big or little step, each one is a step towards bravery!

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