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y’all I cannot believe it’s MAY. time flies so so so fast. for a lot of you this is graduation month – it’s going to mark a lot of endings, but also a lot of beginnings. it’s also about that time that everyone’s starting to realize “oh crap I have one month until summer” lol which means a loooot of goals are about to be set. well, look no further because I am here with your May mood + habit tracker! but first, a little update on my April and my April goals!


follow-up on april goals

goal one: stop hitting snooze. at the beginning of the month, it was challenging, especially because I was covering for an extra hour each morning at work while a coworker was on vacation, so I wasn’t very good at waking up on time. but, after that week, Arlyn became much more insistent about waking me up before 7:00am to go out to go potty. it kind of sucked because I would sit there and think, “the alarm hasn’t even gone off yet!” but it made a world of difference in my productivity before having to leave for work. but we’ll see how I do when summer hours kick in at work after finals.

goal two: prepare + eat breakfast. this I did fairly well because I alternated between my protein shakes and making some eggs, sausage, and berries for breakfast. cooking breakfast was definitely one of those things that became much easier when I was getting out of bed earlier (thanks arlyn!)

goal three: add at least 2 people to my arbonne team. I definitely balled up and started reaching out to people, several of which are very interested but need time to think about it – which I totally get. my only regret about my arbonne business is that I dragged my feet for too dang long before finally having the nerve to reach out to people to try and share this opportunity with them. but mind you, I’m not giving up and I will have my team!!!

goal four: put screens away before bed. there were a few nights where I’d watch something before bed, but I’ve been having enough trouble sleeping enough as it is (weather is warming up + our air conditioner isn’t working right = night sweats… ew). that, and I’ve quite frankly been exhausted lately so I have been asleep by the time my head hits the pillow anyway.


may goals

workout before work two days a week. I honestly am not a fan of working out in the morning for several reasons. one, I feel like it gives me a million more things to do before work, which I already struggle with running in last minute to. two, I just don’t feel like I have the energy I need to work out as well since I haven’t been fueling myself throughout the day like I have when I work out in the evening. however, I feel like I need to start changing my ways because I simply get too slammed in the evenings to keep up a consistent schedule, and I want to make sure daily exercise is a part of my routine. I feel like this goal means that I need to wake up at 5:00am (possibly 4:30am when I switch to earlier work hours) to give me enough time to workout, shower, refuel, and get ready for the day. I’ll be journaling how I feel on the days I work out early so I can compare pros + cons.

qualify for district manager. yes, arbonne is always popping up in my goals BUT I like to make sure that my monthly goals touch various areas of wellness, and arbonne really helps with my financial wellness. finances have been causing me a big deal of stress lately and I don’t like that feeling – it leads to fear + anxiety that I just don’t need to have. last month I was so close (if a couple more orders had gone through) so this month I am determined to build that team and qualify… for real!

lose 1% body fat. it sounds small, but it’s the number that most experts give as both safe + doable. I’m trying to be better about focusing on body fat percentage when it comes to my body image instead of weight loss. I’ve been focusing more on strength training, which is very poorly reflected on the scale. I need to get a new, more accurate reading of my body composition because unfortunately my gym time has decreased and (junk) food intake has increased since getting it done a few short weeks ago.

drink 180-200 fl oz of water a day. I feel like I have 99 problems and about 90 of them would probably be fixed by drinking more water. my skin is dry because of the accutane, I’m getting headaches, and I’m bloating a lot these days. it’s a looooot of water, but it will be good if for no other reason than my dry skin.


here is your May mood + habit tracker! thank you again, Kate, for your beautiful work!

img_4751download: free mood + habit tracker may 2018

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