navy hair care prep + finishing spray review

hair – it can really make or break your look, can’t it? I practically live by the phrase “your hair is the crown that you can never take off,” so I do everything I can to use products that are going to style it well + keep it healthy; and one of my go-to products recently is Navy Hair Care’s Prep + Finishing Spray. if there’s one thing that gets me super excited about Navy Hair Care is that it’s my first partnership where they reached out to me *cue baby-blogger freakout* and boy am I glad they found me because this product has truly been one of the best additions to my hair care collection!

this post was done in partnership with navy hair care. I will earn commission on any purchases made using my discount code + link.

keep in mind as you read through this review that by using code SOUTHERN you can get 20% off your order at! And be sure to follow them on Instagram at @navyhaircare to be the first to know about giveaways + promotions like free shipping!

what I love about my dynamic as both a wellness and a lifestyle blogger is that I get to help promote companies like Navy that strive to make you feel + look good that are also good for you by keeping gross ingredients out! here are the claims from their website:


  • micro mist hair spray that combats static and controls frizz
  • free of: sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, petrolatum
  • dry conditioning agents detangle and revives hair
  • illuminates hair with a weightless finish that leaves zero build-up
  • prolongs your blowout’s life
  • uv and thermal protection
  • versatile use on wet or dry hair, for all hair types


  • eco-friendly packaging
  • revitalizes hair for smooth, silky softness and natural bounce
  • expands styling versatility, from easy everyday looks to editorial precision
  • bright seacoast bouquet evokes the energizing caress of sun and surf

as far as my personal experience, it’s been incredible for adding so much volume to my hair and keeping frizz + static at bay. and y’all. the smell! SO. GOOD. I don’t really have the words to describe it, other than it almost feels like it has a subtle, more sophisticated perfume scent than most hair products that tend to have strong fruity or floral scents (which don’t get me wrong, I can love – but there’s something so soothing + subtle about Navy’s scent!)

one of the things that makes this product so great is that it is both a prep and a finishing spray. I mostly use it for prepping my hair before drying to protect against heat, condition (I don’t use regular conditioner anymore), volumize, and help prevent that post-blow dry frizz. it also detangles, which is perfect for the mornings after deciding I was too tired/lazy to take my half-pony out before falling asleep (lol).

in terms of a finishing spray, it’s great for smoothing out your hair style so it looks soft and natural – and again, it helps protect against whatever heat you’re putting on your hair and controlling post-curling iron static/frizz.


you use this product in sparing amounts, too – it doesn’t take a whole lot of product to get the effects you want, which is great because I don’t feel like I’m going to use the entire bottle up in a short period of time.

overall – if you like to keep things minimal, this product is literally perfect for cutting down on having a million bottles of hair product everywhere. forget 2-in-1, this is like, 9-in-1. AND AGAIN – GET 20% OFF YOUR ORDER ON NAVYHAIRCARE.COM WITH CODE SOUTHERN. Enough as it is, you’re saving yourself money by investing in this product because it will take care of all your styling needs from start to finish without buying a million products.

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