the quotes that boosted my fitness motivation

ahhh, the gym. the place we love to hate.

it can be hard to find the motivation to drag ourselves over to the gym, I think for a lot of reasons, the main one in my mind being that we’ve equated exercise as punishment – punishment for what we ate, punishment for being overweight. as a result, we have broken perceptions + damaged views of the beauty of exercise.

and just speak a little bit of  cold hard truth into your afternoon, no matter how hard you try, you cannot work off a bad diet. The calories you burn throughout the day cannot outweigh the influx of high calorie, nutrient-lacking foods!

if you’re curious to know where I stand with my health: I’m approximately 160 lbs. 33.3% body fat. About 28-29 inch waist, 38 inch hips.

to some people, this is a goal and they would likely consider me lucky to have some of the numbers that I do. but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still human and have things that stand out to me in the mirror that I absolutely despise about myself. not to mention, my body fat percentage still classifies me as “obese,” whether I look it or not.

for me, working out used to be a chore. I used to go because I knew I needed to. I sat in classes that told me exactly why exercise was good for me and that was practically my only motivation to get my butt to the gym. I would semi-enjoy it some while I was there, but I was never truly challenging myself in order to improve myself – I was going just to say I went. I was counting down minutes on the treadmill and repetitions until I could leave.

but the truth is, when it’s come to accepting myself + my body, I’ve had to constantly remind myself that I am a work in progress. changes – especially the worthwhile ones – can’t + don’t happen overnight. progress, no matter how slow it feels, is still progress. so as I accept that I am a work in progress, I also come to accept my body + the place I am at, because I know that it’s just a stepping stone in my journey.

not only that, but as I see my endurance and strength improve, I have come to love the process. exercising has become about celebrating what my body is capable of doing, and watching it improve before my eyes. as my mind has shifted towards this focus, exercise has become about realizing that I am strong, that I am capable.

part of what got me to this mindset was reading a handful of quotes, which I wanted to share with you. if any of them stand out to you, write it down! make it your background, put it on your mirror, in your car, anywhere you’ll see it and remind yourself daily that your fitness journey is a process and that you are fully capable reaching your fitness + health goals!


the quotes that boosted my fitness motivation
by Kate Hauser


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