weekend wrap-up: norman medieval fair

hello lovelies! I hope you all had a pleasant weekend, whether that was getting some relaxing peace and quiet, getting chores done, or spending time with friends. mine was a combination of all three! friday was my rest day, saturday I managed to get some organizing + deep cleaning done, napped, went to the gym, and then sunday I attempted to meal prep (but more on that later) and finally made my way over to the Norman medieval fair.

over the three years I’ve lived in Norman, I had yet to go to this annual fair until this past weekend. I had been to medieval fairs in the past, mostly in my elementary homeschooling days, but there was certainly a lack of interest on my part in those days. I wasn’t really planning on going this year either until a couple of friends invited me to go, so I decided “why the heck not.”

I didn’t bring cash with me so I didn’t particularly participate in much, but it was still so fun walking around and seeing all the incredible artwork + craftsmanship the vendors had. plus there were so many little activities and events going on – the most notable one being the pirates you could payoff to “capture” one of your friends, parade them around the fair, and then make them sing and dance for their freedom. my friends jousted with each other, loser getting to become the pirates’ prisoner lol

but MY personal favorite was the exotic petting zoo… because animals.

CUTEST little fennec fox!
chinchillas, always.

they also had a little 2-3 year old kangaroo, a hedgehog (appropriately named Sonic), chicks + chickens, ducklings, the fluffiest rabbits EVER, and some tortoises. and to make it even better the people that ran the zoo have summer volunteer opportunities and over the summer they have OTTERS!!!! my fave animal, if you didn’t know. so not only did I get to hold some cool animals, but now I have a fun opportunity to participate in this summer.

for 2018, the medieval fair is wrapped up, but I would definitely go again next year – and would highly recommend it to anyone in the Norman/OKC area, as well! AND there were dogs in medieval costumes everywhereeee. so if you love dogs in costumes, you definitely gotta go.

all was fun until I got home and my zero chill furbaby had managed to get a hold of my casserole that I made and ate the whole dang thing!!!! luckily there was nothing toxic to him in it, but he’s been only a little gassy :’) so. no meal prepped for me this monday. I should have known better, but I pushed it all the way to the back of the counter so I thought it was safe!!! silly me.

but overall, it was a good weekend of getting stuff done + spending time with established friends and making new ones, so I’m not complaining! happy monday, my loves!

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