My April Goals & FREE Mood + Habit Tracker

I can’t believe it’s practically April, already! March has been a good month – filled with a lot of busy weekends spent with friends + family, so I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! March has been a good month as far as implementing some more structure into my life, especially as far as my health is concerned, so I’m excited to see how April will add to it.

ps, I hope you enjoy these adorable pictures of Arlyn. I took him on a walk around campus last night and there are tulips everywhereee – perfect photo op. And he’s such a model. It’s annoying.


followup on march goals

goal one: continue exercising. Guys, I’ve actually been pretty good at keeping this one! I’ve been finding great HIIT exercises online and have been feeling ultra-motivated! Lately, exercising hasn’t felt like a chore – it’s felt like a release. I get to spend quality time with myself, talk/think to myself about what’s been going on, how I feel about things, where I want things to go, what I envision for myself… and I have a better overall sense of accomplishment and pride whenever I stick to my plans and show myself that I’m so capable + see the results that I’ve been hoping to see. Hard work pays off! And it’s become so much more than just the number on the scale – it’s become about creating the best version of myself that I can.

goal two: use my breaks to take walks. I’ve loved implementing this into my daily routine. I just feel so much better for it! And to think that I seriously blew off my work breaks the first semester I worked here. I can only imagine what my health would look like right now if I had done this in the first place! It’s so annoying to look back and see what lack of discipline I had and how invincible I thought I was when it came to my health (so dumb…) Now that I’ve been taking 2, 15 minute walks most days out of the week, I don’t feel as tense, I get my blood flowing and have better energy… and it’s a really great way to give myself a couple mid-day pep talks or turn on my worship playlist and spend some time with God.

goal three: earn consultant bonus with arbonne + begin qualifying for district mnager. Well… this one didn’t happen, but I did make my first couple of sales, and that’s super exciting too! Baby steps, but baby steps have never felt so good!

goal four: stay gluten + dairy free. This… half-way happened? The last couple of weekends I was not disciplined (ya know, hanging out with friends + living too much with a yolo attitude lol) and my skin, mental clarity, and energy paid the price. It’s crazy how out of it I felt – so I adjusted back. But since then, I’ve had much better self-control when it comes to what I let myself eat. So, all good things in the end!


april goals

stop hitting snooze. with the time change, I have been the worst about sleeping in way too late on the week days – but it’s just so dark now and I have zero motivation to get up! lol But I’ve been finding myself rushing to get everything I need to done before I leave for work in the mornings, when before I was getting to take my time and have quiet, peaceful mornings before getting started with my day.

prepare + eat breakfast. this one kind of goes hand in hand with my first goal this month because most times I end up skipping breakfast because I don’t give myself enough time in the mornings to make a good, healthful, filling breakfast – and then I end up being a serial snacker throughout the day (which is not good when combined with my sedentary lifestyle at work!)

add at least two people to my arbonne team. this company is stretching me in ways I didn’t know I could stretch in. I have always feared rejection and I have been guilty of completely avoiding situations that I knew would require facing rejection along the way. but Arbonne has been giving me hope for a successful financial future, and I so desperately want to be able to share that hope + opportunity with other hardworking women! so… if you’re interested, hmu.

put the screens away before bed. I love watching Netflix in the evening and enjoying some peace + relaxation at home after a long day at work. however, I went through a period of time where my sleep schedule was completely out of whack from leaving the computer on as I was trying to fall asleep. even on the lowest brightness setting, it was still enough to disrupt my ability to fall + stay asleep. to ensure that I’m getting enough sleep, this next month I really want to focus on turning the computer + phone off before bed.


And now, the part of the post you were looking for – April’s mood + habit tracker! Thank goodness for amazing graphic designers!

img_3978download: free mood + habit tracker april 2018


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