My Favorite Inspirational Quotes

I hope you all are doing so so so well! I feel like with the year being a quarter of the way through, some of our “new year” motivation has faded and we need new reminders that are going to keep up inspired. Here are some of my favorite quotes that keep me going!


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This image is currently my phone background. To be truthful with you guys, as much as I love the way my life has fallen into place, I do feel like there are times that the monotony of going to work/going home/going to work/going home routine becomes a little discouraging – like, what interesting things am I making out of my life, let alone my 20s?? I can’t afford to travel, or timing doesn’t seem to workout with my friends + our schedules to go do fun things for an evening or go on little weekend adventures. But whenever I look at my background now, I choose to remind myself to find the joy in coffee dates, watching the pure happiness in my dog’s eyes when I get to take him to the dog park to play fetch, or in my quiet times with God to explore my relationship with Him – because those moments, the “little” things in life are what build to the “big” things in life, and it’s often times the little things we look back on and wish we had appreciated more in the moment.


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I know I’m not the only one who can pinpoint joyful people solely by the twinkle in their eye or the way they hold themselves. The times I feel best about myself is not when I’ve caked on my makeup or wear the right thing – I always feel and look my best when I know I have joy. And joy doesn’t necessarily = happy; life has a way of dealing us cards we find less desirable, but there is a difference between those who let it drag them down and those who strive to find silver linings and know that they are not defined by their circumstances (read “The Happiness Mindset” here). As humans, we’re most definitely flawed and aren’t always going to find the cup half full, but I am a firm believer that the absolute best thing we can wear is joy, because joy radiates through us.

I can’t even tell you how many times some of the things I wanted in life didn’t work out and I turned to God and was like “lol really tho???” (God and I have some very casual conversations) But here’s something that’s helped put my own life into perspective for me:

You’re all very familiar with the fact that I have a dog. I looove my dog. I want to protect him and make sure he doesn’t get hurt or sick and that he lives a happy and full life, just like I believe God wants for me. Sometimes, Arlyn likes to try and eat the leaves off the tomato plant we have in my apartment (tomato leaves are toxic for dogs). He’s all happy and thinks he’s found some glorious treasure, until I jump in and practically scream “NO” to get him to not eat the thing that I know is bad for him. He clearly doesn’t know why I’m not letting him eat the leaves, but the truth is that I know what’s better for him than he does. It doesn’t make me bad, it makes me his owner – the one who’s supposed to watch over him and provide for him, even if that means cutting him off from what I know he wants.

And that’s how God is – we become frustrated with life or when things seem to fall apart and slip through our fingers and, out of human nature, want to place blame or point fingers at God and say “how dare You,” when the truth is, He can see what’s better for us than we can. So if that relationship/that job/that opportunity doesn’t work out the way we wanted it to, the thing is that God is still so, so, so good because He knows what’s best for us, even when we don’t want to admit it.


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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky  /  -Michael Scott” -The Southern Sooner.

For so long, I’ve always told myself to take advantage of opportunities + life because it’s better to try and see what happens then to look over it for fear of failing but always wonder, “but what if I had?” Life is far too short to spend it not trying + then always feeling hints of regret for never going for it. Sure, it can hurt when things don’t end up working out (see previous quote), but I personally prefer to live with the “oops” than the “what if.”


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This one used to be my phone background for a while, if that tells you how much I love this one. Hope can be hard, especially when everything around us tells us we should be filled with doubt + despair. We can’t see our future; we can’t see exactly how situations will turn out or what’s ahead for us, but hope is what keeps us going and reminds us the best is possible, even when we can’t really see sight of it yet.

be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and patient in prayer.”  |  romans 12:12


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I’ve mentioned this before but life is certainly less than perfect at times and it’s in those times when we need to make an active choice to choose joy + to see the glass half full. And although things may not work out the way we intended them to, we choose to see that they will work out the way they’re supposed to.


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We get one life – I’m a firm believer in making the most of it when I can, and part of that includes making sure you thrive wherever you are. That includes wherever you work, wherever you play, the people you surround yourself with – make sure that whatever you do makes you feel alive!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”


Comparison is a dirty, dirty thing – and we’re all guilty of doing it. I wrote a post titled “Insta-Anxiety” several months ago where I shared that with social media being all the rage, it’s so easy to compare and question yourself and magnify your insecurities. But this quote always hits me hard because we are more than capable of being able to see someone else’s beauty without it meaning that we are less beautiful.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”  |  teddy roosevelt


This really ties back to “trust your gut.” If something doesn’t sit right with you, there’s a reason for it. Call it whatever you want – God, your conscious, your gut feelings… whatever. Either way, if you find yourself uneasy about something, it’s not right for you.

A recent example in my life is that I was signed up to go on a missions trip this summer with the young adults at my church in Oklahoma. While I was excited about it, something never quite sat right with me. I knew I already had several other commitments this summer, I’m supposed to be moving at the end of July (when the trip would be taking place), and something in me just didn’t feel comfortable sending out the letters for donations (yet I don’t have the money to pay for the trip myself). Even when it comes to things that I know God would love if I did it, I was not at peace with my initial decision to go – because if my heart was not going to be fully in it, then I wasn’t entirely going to be doing His will.


I love how deeply quotes can speak to us. They can remind us we’re not alone, and sometimes they can pinpoint exactly how we feel with words we couldn’t find. Comment your favorite quotes below, I would love to hear them!

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