my top 5 free health + fitness apps

I love how easy it’s become to log/track health with the use of apps. I’m guilty of loading so many apps on my phone to test out – unfortunately, there are quite a few that only offer a free trial but require a subscription in order to continue having access. However, if you’re someone that likes having guidance when it comes to your workout, you might find it worth it to download + pay for apps that provide workouts.

There are also some apps that help with stress + anxiety by providing different meditation and breathing techniques, but again – most times you end up having to subscribe after a 7- or 30-day trial.

But, here’s my list of my favorite free apps that I use to help track my health! I am not affiliated with any of these companies/apps.



I’ve never tried to make a Fitbit account without actually having a Fitbit, but I’m fairly certain you need one (so I guess in a sense, this one’s technically not free…) At the very least, you’re not going to find the app to be very useful if you don’t have one, since all your data is going to come from actually having the tracker.

The more high end tracker you have, the more data you’ll get. But even the basic ones track steps, miles, calories burned, active minutes, and hours slept. Some of the more expensive trackers will also track your heart rate! It’s not going to be as accurate of a reading as a chest heart rate monitor, but it still will give you an idea of what your heart’s doing while you’re at rest or while you’re exercising.



I love MyFitnessPal – I mostly use it to track my calories. I have it linked to my Fitbit app so my exercise information can be transferred over without all the guess work. You can track caloric intake on Fitbit too, but in my experience, MyFitnessPal has a better database to look food up in and has more features available in general.

Tracking calories can either be motivational or discouraging – it can be tedious, but it’s been so useful for me to see what it is I eat that sucks up all my calories for the day. For me, it’s super informative and helps me learn what to avoid + what might be hindering my health goals.

It’s also great for creating + inputting recipes so I can track homemade meals or snacks, and if you pay for a subscription you can customize your dashboard to be focused on calories in vs. calories out, macronutients (great for if you’re doing a diet plan similar to the keto diet!), heart healthy diet, low carb diet, or custom. You can also add time stamps to see how consuming certain meals at certain times impacts your energy + workouts, set different goals for different days, etc.

You can add friends and keep tabs on their fitness journeys (and have them keep tabs on you if you want accountability) and read blog posts over nutrition and exercise that will help educate you in terms of your health!



Eating healthy can be hard sometimes. You buy groceries thinking they’re beneficial for you, but you’d be surprised at how deceiving marketing can be. My favorite examples are yogurt, granola bars, and peanut butter – I personally feel like a lot of times these foods are perceived to be healthy for you (and they can be!) But it’s easy to let a lot of the marketed health claims cloud our judgment allow us to overlook certain things, such as sugar content.

While I still recommend doing research and learning how to understand nutrition labels for yourself, Fooducate is a useful app that allows you to search or scan a bar code of a particular product, receive a letter grade, explanations for the grade it received, and a list of alternatives.



Your brain’s fitness is important too! Lumosity is a “comprehensive brain training program” by selecting 3 (5, if you buy the premium version) memory + attention games each day as your “workout.” This has been good for me since I’m no longer in school and feel like I’m not challenging myself mentally like I used to on a daily basis – I like knowing I have something to keep me feeling sharp!



I’ll refrain from posting snapshots of this one, but if you’re a female then this app is great for helping you track when your cycle starts and any side effects you experience, you can keep track of your birth control usage, health habits, mood, mentality, etc. Whenever you log, it helps with accuracy + predictability of future cycles, ovulation, and fertility. Overall, it’s great for tracking patterns unique to you!


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