9 health benefits of spring cleaning + non-toxic household cleaners (plus free printable checklist!)

Starting tomorrow, we can finally see sight of spring! After the south’s sweltering, never-ending summers, we come to appreciate winter – but there’s something about being so close to warm, sunny weather that gets me so excited. The sunscreen is so close I can already smell it!

Another aspect of spring I’ve come to love as an adult is spring. cleaning. Lame, I know. Winter is so good for curling up in bed to watch a movie or read a book, but with the warmer weather comes a bustle that makes us realize just how sloppy we became during our cold weather-induced laze.


The cleaning itself may not be so much fun, but according to Psychology Today, spring cleaning (and cleaning in general) is associated with improved mood, decreased stress, increased performance, and heightened creativity. The Baseline of Health Foundation also states that spring cleaning helps with allergy symptom reduction, happiness, finding opportunities to donate, sharpen concentration, and even burning calories.


But what about when it comes to cleaners? How much are all those chemicals effecting our health when we’re constantly surrounded by their fumes during our cleaning endeavors?

There are some brands that aim to avoid harmful ingredients such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates (Mrs. Meyer’s is a good example). However, if you’re looking to go even more natural, baking soda, castile soap, vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, essential oils, and borax can be used in various combinations to clean certain surfaces + materials. Visit here for the recipes!

Also, visit this blog for a recipe for DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers!


And, last but not least, HERE is your free downloadable + printable spring cleaning checklist, designed by my lovely graphic designer Kate just for you!



If you are interested in donating any makeup, beauty, or hygiene products, check out Project Beauty Share. They collect these items and distribute them through non profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty. Click here to see what you can give.


I hope this gives you the motivation to clean out your house + your minds! If you hate spring cleaning, try and make it fun. Turn on some music, make the common areas a team effort (if you have roomies), etc.

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