soonerthon: why I’m ftk

2017 was my first time to do Soonerthon. I had heard about it since before I started attending OU via social media from friends + acquaintances that were already here, and I always thought that it sounded like a lot of fun. 2017 was my first year to be involved and I was bummed I hadn’t done it sooner.

And it’s finally that time of year – on Saturday, March 3, I will be participating in my second Soonerthon Dance Marathon as an OU alumna with a fundraising goal of $500. Last year I reached my goal of $100, and I knew that this year I wanted to do more. It’s just such a FUN and fulfilling experience to be a part of, and here’s why.



Soonerthon is a fundraiser that occurs all year round, but the largest event is the 12-hour dance marathon. It benefits the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Oklahoma City to go towards research, equipment, entertainment, family support, and care programs.

This dance marathon allows us to stand FTK (for the kids). We pledge to stand for 12 hours to represent the time these kids spend in treatment a week on dialysis or chemotherapy, as well as the time nurses and doctors spend taking care of them. So, we support them by standing in their place.

Soonerthon started in 1996 and has grown into one of the top 10 dance marathons in the country, #1 dance marathon in the Big XII, and the #1 donor to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in OKC. In 2017, the event raised $808,021.17!



I have been incredibly blessed with 23 years of health. I believe our health is easily taken for granted and many of us rarely stop to think about how lucky we are – myself included. This event has brought this blessing to my attention and has encouraged me to use it for good. When I participated last year, the team I signed up with did not adopt a child (like most of the Greek life does) so I was not working with a particular family, but it was so inspiring to see how cheerful + hopeful these kids were despite their conditions, and it only made me that much more motivated to try and raise money to help this foundation.



My goal this year is to raise $500. If you feel lead to give, you can easily do so by going to my giving profile at

Any and all donations are happily accepted. Giving online is safe and easy, and all donations are tax deductible.


If you wish to learn more about Soonerthon, you can read more about it here!

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