how to support the blogger in your life

Blogging is becoming a huge trend and it’s not uncommon for everyone to know at least one person on a personal level that runs a blog. Some do it solely to have an outlet, others use theirs as a business and as an outlet – sometimes bloggers start out as just using it as an outlet, and it transitions into a business. And in this day where technology + social media run rampant, it makes sense that people are starting businesses that are centered around those things, right?

I know that this post seems like I’m basically saying “SUPPORT ME PLS,” but ultimately I’m looking to help the blogger community as a whole. There might be plenty of you that have a friend or family member that blogs (or at the very least follow a blogger on social media) and might have a genuine interest in how you can help them succeed in their endeavors.


read posts

This is one of the most basic tips of them all, but simply reading their post is huge. We put lots of time and energy into what to post, how to write it, what we think you want to read about the topic, etc. We get to see how many views we receive so it’s a good confidence boost for us when we see that what we post actually gets a response. Of course we understand that not every post is going to be a jackpot, per say, but getting views + the overall success our blogs get is what helps us land collaboration opportunities and allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Liking, commenting, sharing – it’s huge. And I’m not saying you have to share every post just for the sake of sharing it, but if it’s post/topic you actually connect to and take a genuine interest in, I guarantee you it would make your blogger’s day (especially if they’re still working on growing). Interactions + the number of people their post gets organically helps with them earning credit to promote their post, too. If I share a post link to Facebook and it gets a good response from my friends, Facebook gives me $10 run a sponsored post so it has the opportunity to reach even more people who might be interested in the content.


This goes for a lot of different areas. Signing up via email to receive notifications about posts + newsletters directly on their blog site is probably the #1 thing you can do to support and encourage your blogger by helping them grow their email list.

And then there’s social media platforms. Social media is both a blessing and a curse for bloggers. In 2017, social media usage for teenagers and young adults are as follows: 79% on Snapchat, 76% on Facebook, 73% on Instagram, 40% on Twitter, 31% on Pinterest, and 16% on Tumblr (Statista). It would seem that with statistics like that, it’d be easy to get responses, but unfortunately, it only seems to become more of a challenge. A lot of us are aware that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are no longer based off of a chronological algorithm. Instead, “top posts” are what get pushed to the tops of our feeds and “little posts” struggle to show up on timelines. Enough as it is, Instagram changes their algorithms regularly; promotion strategies that worked before all of a sudden aren’t enough – and it’s frustrating. In the last couple of months, I went from making about 150 likes on average on Instagram to barely being able to crack 100 likes. Am I necessarily upset about the number of “likes” I’m not getting on Instagram anymore? No, but to me, it means that a lot of people that used to be able to see and would like my posts before are no longer seeing them.

My point to this rant? If you feel like you have genuine interests in whatever your blogger has to say + share, follow them + turn on their post notifications. That mostly goes for Facebook (their “like” page if they have one), Instagram, and Twitter. This way you’ll at least know a post went up – liking, commenting, watching stories, or any other general interactions will teach the algorithm you like to see their posts.

utilize affiliate links/codes

This is where the business-y side of things comes into play. Bloggers that are using it as a way to make money (whether it be their sole income or as a “side hustle”) often times use affiliate links + sponsor opportunities. Affiliate links are simply tracking links that are specific to your blogger that allow them to receive a commission off any purchases that are made using that link. They are at no extra cost to you, and are perfect if you were already planning to make an online transaction, or for discovering new stores + products!

Bloggers also have the opportunity for collaborations + sponsorships based on the type of traffic their blog + social media receives. A lot of times your blogger might be given a code to share with their friends, family, and followers. Again, this code is linked specifically to them and allows them to make a commission. Maybe it’s for a brand or product you’re already familiar with, or maybe it’s something new that now you have a discount to try!

Obviously, no one’s going to force you to use their codes/links, but if you know your blogger is business oriented and likes to promote products + brands and you’re already shopping or curious to try something out, you can hit two birds with one stone and treat yourself while helping our your blogger.

And you know, just in case you’re wondering, I have an entire tab in my navigation panel dedicated to all my affiliations + discount opportunities for you (-:

be understanding

For some bloggers, it’s not just a hobby – it’s an income. As a blogger, I do feel annoying with my stories + posts because I know that my self-promotions or occasional ads feel like clutter on your feeds – but it’s how I get the word out. We put so much thought into what we feel passionate about communicating to our followers + readers, and the information simply isn’t going to “get out there” by hoping people stumble across our page. It takes promoting, it takes ads, it takes word of mouth to create traffic… just like any business would.

We’re not going to force you to follow us (or to continue following us if you were there before our personal pages turned into business profiles) – but if you’re a friend or family member, just know that some of us do know that our content can feel over the top, but your patience through it and your support is the first thing we’re grateful for and is what makes us happy.

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