6 must have beauty products I can’t live without

Raise your hand if you’re a little guilty of splurging on beauty products to “treat yo’self.”

*Raises hand*

Now raise your hand if you’re also a little guilty of spending lots of money on products that weren’t worth the price.

*Raises hand*

Being a woman can be hard because there’s so much pressure to have perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect clothes… just about perfect anything. And do we really make ourselves feel any better when now we’re flat-out broke after spending money on “great” seeming products that didn’t help like they seemed they would? If you’re looking for an honest review + help finding a certain product, here’s a list of beauty products I have tried, fallen in love with, and can’t get enough of!

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eye smoothing concentrate by juice beauty. if there’s anywhere that I’m starting to see wrinkles (boo) it’s around my eyes. This little serum is great – apply to the skin surrounding your eyes both morning and evening. I was genuinely surprised when I started using it that it actually smoothed at my eyes as much as it did. It also claims that you can add a little bit of it to your under eye concealer for additional smoothing + coverage. This serum is organic + cruelty free!

cuticle oil by deco miami. I am a hopeless nail/cuticle biter. It sucks. As a result, I have the driest cuticles and makes my fingers look just awful. But my lavender cuticle oil by Deco Miami rehydrates my cuticles and prevents me from biting them more whenever it’s on! Plus it smells so good – but I’m a lavender fanatic (-: I use it multiple times a day since I got it about a month ago and it’s still essentially full. $12.50  from Deco Miami’s website!

mineral peel face by o.r.g. skincare. the order of the words are definitely a little funny for me, but the product is amazing! It’s a liquid you spray onto your face, let sit for a few seconds, and massage off. It is a weird in terms of the dead skin being all over your face until you rinse it off, but my skin is always left feeling so so so smooth! Get it here!

renewing mud mask by whish. this is another exfoliating product but it’s a little bit more traditional than the peel face; but this product has also been great when it comes to smoothing and restoring my skin. It’s yet another cruelty + chemical free product, so I feel no shame for using to treat my skin.

leave-in conditioner by briogeo + hair oil by maraakesh. I talked about these more in-depth in my 7 remedies for dry, frizzy hair post, but these products have helped transform my dry, dull ends into the smooth, shiny locks I love. they protect my hair from heat damage much better than traditional conditioner and leaves my hair smoother + shinier, minus the greasy residue that conditioner can leave behind. I love that these products are also more natural than traditional conditioner products.

water bottle by bkr. this one probably seems like a bit of a weird “beauty” product, but these bottles are such good quality that it oddly encourages me to drink more water which is better for my health + beauty overall. The BKR offers 500 mL glass bottles with silicone sleeves in various colors. They’re BPA free which is a plus, and they’re small enough that they’re portable without being bulky. There are tons of different colors and designs to match your personal style!


Funny enough, each and every one of these products are something I received in my FabFitFun boxes over the course of the year. The thing that makes these boxes so worth it to me is that it allows me to try out great, natural beauty products I might have never found or thought about using. Every product is full-size so I can actually get decent use out of each product and get a feel for how long it’s going to last. The last thing that’s amazing about the FabFitFun boxes is that you are guaranteed to get $250+ worth of products in your box (which normally cost $49.99). As you probably noticed, the Whish mud mask alone already cost $48, nearly the entire cost of the box. I feel so guilt-free about getting these boxes when I know I’m getting such great deals!

You can cancel your subscription at any time, so if you weren’t completely wow’d with your first box, then no harm, no foul! But the winter box is coming up soon, so don’t miss your chance to get it! The Fall/Winter boxes are always my favorite! I’ve seen some spoilers for the Winter Box and I cannot wait!

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